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Conditions of use

The Purpose of creation of the given site is granting necessary data on activity of the company, and also satisfaction of information and educational inquiries of users. Underwritten conditions of use which sometimes can be exposed to changes, are distributed to all and anyone accesses to a site and on all cases of use of a site as as a whole, and separate elements of his(its) maintenance(contents).

1. Information purposes

The Maintenance(contents) submitted on a veb-site of Joint-Stock Company " Art-business center ", is intended only for the information purposes. The information stated in this site, does not contain any advice(councils) or recommendations and should not be the basis for acceptance of any decisions or realization of any actions. On questions of practical application of any data stated on this site, it is necessary to address for consultation to experts in the appropriate area.

Besides the site gives the elected data on various diseases and methods of their treatment. These data should not be considered(examined) as the medical recommendation.

The Medical information contained on this site, can not replace to you consultation of your attending physician. The given information can not be used by patients for decision making about application of the given products.

The Official information on application of any preparation in territory of the Russian Federation contains in the leaf - loose leaf, taking place in packing a preparation.

The Information on a site can not be considered(examined) as the recommendation to patients on diagnosing and treatment of any diseases and can not take the place of consultation of the doctor. If you have any problems with health, or you suspect about an opportunity of their occurrence, you should address for consultation to your therapist or the qualified expert in the appropriate area of medicine.

Anything in the given information should not be interpreted as an appeal to nonspecialists independently to get or use described products.

The Given information can not be used for decision making about change of the order and a mode of application of the products recommended by Your doctor.

Claims can not be inverted To Joint-Stock Company " Art-business center " concerning any damage or the harm suffered as a result of use of the information placed on a site, resulted(brought) to incorrect diagnosing and medicamentous therapy of diseases, and also wrong application of the products described here.

2. Neutrality of the submitted information

The Information contained on a site, has neutral character and not exposed to any interpretation or processing on the part of Joint-Stock Company " Art-business center ", no less than Joint-Stock Company " Art-business center " does not give any guarantees expressed in obvious or unobvious to the form, switching, but not being limited to the guarantees connected to availability of production on sale, its suitability for any purposes, or infringement of someone's rights. Joint-Stock Company " Art-business center " does not give the guarantees concerning completeness, accuracy, timeliness, presence, efficiency or conformity of the information to the current legislation. At use of the given site you recognize probability of that the information can be incomplete or inexact, or can not correspond(meet) to your inquiries or requirements.

3. Refusal of obligations of legal character

Joint-Stock Company " Art-business center " does not suffer the responsibility for any damage to the health which has arisen as a result of your access to a site or absence of those or because you were guided by the information specified on the given site. Joint-Stock Company " Art-business center " does not take up any obligations on compensation of direct and indirect damage, and also losses, owing to use of this site or the penal sanctions connected to it, no less than special or other damage, and also the lost opportunities, the missed profit or other losses and damages of any kind. The given restriction includes damage or viruses which can affect your computer equipment negatively.

4. Communications with other Web-sites

Any communications(connections) with other Internet - sites are provided on inquiries. Joint-Stock Company " Art-business center " does not bear(carry) the responsibility for the maintenance(contents) or use of such sites and has no obligations on the damages caused owing to use of their maintenance(contents).

5. Changes

Joint-Stock Company " Art-business center " reserves the right to itself to change, modify, replace or delete any parts of the maintenance(contents), or to limit access to a site, or to stop his(its) distribution at any time at own discretion.

6. The copyright and use of the contents

The maintenance(contents) of the given site is the property of Joint-Stock Company " Art-business center " and is protected by laws on copyrights. You can copy it(him) for personal use in non-commercial objectives, however are not resolved entering into him(it) of changes or the subsequent reproduction of his(its) maintenance(contents) without the permission of Joint-Stock Company " Art-business center ". In other cases the maintenance(contents) can not be copied or used by no means. Trade marks of production and services, trading names and images of production of Joint-Stock Company " Art-business center ", submitted on the given site, are protected by the copyright and use of them can be made only from the written sanction of Joint-Stock Company " Art-business center ". In other cases the maintenance(contents) can not be copied or used by any image.

7. Preservation of secret and use of questions and remarks

All questions, remarks, offers or any other messages, including any ideas, inventions, concepts, techniques or a know-how which you can direct on the given site or any different way to Joint-Stock Company " Art-business center ", electronic or other means, are not considered as confidential and become the property of Joint-Stock Company " Art-business center ". All messages without any restrictions of Joint-Stock Company " Art-business center " can use any way and in any purposes, including development, manufacture and - or distribution of production or services.

8. The organic law

Your access to a site and use both the site, and his(its) maintenance(contents), should be carried out and understood by you according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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